Congress ends freeze on military aid to Lebanon after classified briefing

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Rep. Howard Berman / UPI


WASHINGTON — Congress has lifted its hold on U.S. military aid to Lebanon, ending a three-month suspension.

The House Foreign Affairs Committee, in a decision opposed by the ranking Republican, has released $100 million in military aid to Lebanon amid the threat of a Hizbullah coup in Beirut. The aid, supported by President Barack Obama, had been frozen by committee chairman Rep. Howard Berman on Aug. 2 out of concern of a Hizbullah takeover of the U.S.-trained Lebanese Army.

“In response to our hold, the administration initiated a thorough, inter-agency review of its military assistance program for Lebanon,” Berman said. “I have been fully briefed, in a classified setting, on the results of that review.”

In a statement on Nov. 12, Berman did not provide details of the review by the Obama administration. But the chairman said the U.S. aid would contain “greater focus.”

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