U.S. developing strategy to defend Poland, Baltic States from Russia

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Russian military cadets of the Russian Emergency Situations ministry march at Red Square in Moscow. / AP

Compiled by Bill Gertz,

The United States plans to work with NATO forces in protecting the three Baltic states from Russia by expanding a contingency plan to protect Poland, known as Eagle Guardian, according to a 2009 cable from the State Department.

The Dec. 12, 2009 cable said the U.S. is developing a strategy for reaffirming both NATO and U.S. commitments to the “core” role of collective defenses.

The issue was for the U.S. NATO commander to “include the Baltic States in the revision of EAGLE GUARDIAN.”

The United States believes that NATO “as a matter of course should conduct appropriate contingency planning for the possible defense of allied territory and populations,” it said. “NATO’s Article 5 commitment requires no less.”

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