South Sudan accuses Khartoum of sponsoring renegade faction in its army; 210 dead

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CAIRO — Southern Sudan, preparing for independence from the Arab north, has been battling a mutiny within its nascent military.

More than 210 people have been killed in what was termed a mutiny within the Sudanese People’s Liberation Army, deemed as the basis for the south’s military. The casualties were the result of attacks by a renegade faction of SPLA believed financed by the Khartoum regime.

“Today armed groups are being financed, being armed, being sent into southern Sudan from the north,” SPLA secretary-general Pagan Amum said.

In a briefing on Feb. 15, Amum said the renegade faction of SPLA was headed by former senior officer George Athor, who has been accused of massacres in the south. Amum said Athor’s militia was attacking civilians throughout the oil-rich state of Jonglei in wake of his election loss in 2010.

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