Sudanese forces take oil-rich Abyei region as China expands presence

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CAIRO — The regime of Sudanese President Omar Bashir has captured the energy-rich Abyei region claimed by southern Sudan. Officials said Bashir’s troops invaded Abyei, expelled southern forces and were preparing for permanent control.

[Meanwhile, Sudan and China are forming strategic ties, according to a report in the current edition of, “As South prepares to secede, China said to expand presence in Sudan”. Western diplomats quoted in the article said the expansion would “include additional Chinese military and security trainers as well as companies to facilitate the aviation and energy sectors of the African state.”]

“The Sudanese armed forces control Abyei and are cleansing it of illegal forces,” Sudanese State Minister Amin Hassan Omar said.

In a briefing in Khartoum on May 22, Omar said the Sudanese operation was meant to restore security in Abyei, ruled by a north-south committee. The minister, responsible for presidential affairs, said the Sudanese Army was expelling militias from the southern region.

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