Socializing with the enemy: Britiain, Israel, U.S. compete at being best friends with China

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By Lev Navrozov

The PRC, as China was named in 1949 by its communist “leader” Mao, was blessed by him to take over the world as per Marx, who believed that the globe can be either all “capitalist” or all “socialist.”

U.S. Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, whom I consider a wise American politician, finds a semblance between the social structure of China and that of National-Socialist Germany.

And this is what came to my attention, and this is what troubles me.

While Rohrabacher compares China to Nazi Germany, the relations between communist slave China and the free countries of the European Union couldn’t be any better.

Both the United States and the European Union have bans on arms sales to China. Those bans were put in place in 1989, as part of the international reaction to the massacre by the Chinese military of pro-democracy demonstrators in Tiananmen Square.

Since then China has been spending a great deal on modernizing its armed forces, buying advanced military equipment from Russia and from the EU countries (despite the existing bans on arms sales to China).

The Chinese communist dictators call this accelerated activity to increase their military potential China’s “peaceful rise.”

On Sept. 4,  the WorldNetDaily carried the article it originally posted in October of 1998: “Anatomy of Clinton’s relaxation of security controls.”

Some of the text is worth quoting. “From 1993 through 1998, President Clinton oversaw what was … one of the most sweeping relaxations of export restrictions in American history—a move that greatly benefitted China … As a result, grateful high-technology companies showered the Democratic Party with campaign contributions … the high-technology exports had a serious side effect, strengthening countries like China, which some view as a potential adversary. … Clinton … was blinded by his enthusiasm for … attracting campaign contributions and insufficiently attentive to his policies’ effect on America’s long-term national security … the looser regulations enabled Chinese companies to obtain a wide range of sophisticated technology, some of which has already been diverted to military uses … .” (   

As communist China is becoming a very important and largest trading partner for countries of the EU and as China’s rapid military growth continues, it is lobbying hard for the EU arms ban to be lifted.

And Europe has been considering the lifting of its arms export ban to China.

According to Zhai Dequan, vice-secretary-general of the China Arms Control and Disarmament Association, the “arms embargo has become a major impediment to China-European trust and cooperation.” And that “arms embargoes have failed to undermine China’s military modernization. On the contrary, they have promoted self-sufficiency in military technology.” He also observed that “one major reason why the EU has softened its stance [on lifting the embargo] is that it is economically stretched, and arms sales are beneficial in boosting related industries and, in doing so, creating jobs.”

I am one of those who fear that the world will belong to communist China, as Mao prophesied. In that future “world country,” countries like Israel and those countries that now are part of the EU may disappear as independent territories or disappear altogether, including their populations. 

My particular concern is this EU-China “partnership” in this PRC game at friendship. Is this concern justified?

Western democracies seem to be trying to outpace each other in their attempt to help China develop its technological know-how and strengthen its military capabilities. 

From (, we learn the following: “China plans to obtain a range of systems and technology from Britain. They include micro- and nano-satellites and airborne early-warning radar for the Y-8 aircraft.”

What distinguishes our epoch is the existence of countries determined to make use of superweapons and countries which regard superweapons as being unpredictably dangerously risky.

Today’s social scene, in which China, Israel, Britain, the United States, and some other countries come out as good old friends is one of those mascarades which foretell WWIII.

China intends to become a global country the way its communist leader Mao foretold it to be.

The previous Marxist world transformation failed: Marx is no longer glorified even in Russia or in China as the proclaimer of the new global world.

But the new version of the old Marxist utopia can be seen in tiny details like the appearance of unexpected suppliers of American sensitive technology so much needed by the Chinese military to equip their future world warriors.

And at whom is China’s weapons buildup directed? Said Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Michael Mullen: “Many of these capabilities seem to be focused very specifically on the United States. It is inconceivable that the EU would directly assist in the development of forces in the Pacific intended to undermine America’s historical mission to safeguard peace, prosperity, and security …”

In conclusion, let me quote from “…US President Barack Obama in October called on the House and the Senate to lift the ban on C-130 cargo aircraft sales to China, in an attempt to ease restrictions on sale of cargo aircraft to Beijing.” ( )

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