Al Qaida affiliate in Africa using Twitter to attract potential recruits

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Compiled by Bill Gertz,

The Somalian-based Al Qaida affiliate Al Shabaab is recruiting followers through its Twitter page, U.S. sources said.

The @HSMPress (Harakat al-Shabaab al-Mujahideen press office) feed on Twitter has over 4,600 followers.

Those who follow the terrorist group’s Twitter account, @HSMPress, are located in Africa, mainly nearby Kenya, followed by South Africa, Somalia and Uganda. Others are from Europe and North America. The feed has over 4,600 followers.

While many of the posted comments are negative, there are signs that the group is reaching out to sympathizers and thus could use the social media as a terrorist recruiting tool.

The U.S. government is reportedly concerned about the site being used as a terrorist recruiting tool and is considering ways to shut it down.

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