The Free Press thrives where competition in the marketplace of ideas is encouraged rather than limited by law, dictate, or perhaps worse, group think.

Ironically, some of the great media organizations that prospered as champions of the vaunted freedom of the press in the United States have become monopolies and in the process have lost not only their competitive zeal but also respect for diverse points of view. With the Internet revolution, many once-great newspapers and news groups have come to be seen as bad business propositions as well.

While entertainment news sites flourish, many hard news beats go unstaffed, and foreign news bureaus are maintained primarily these days by British newspapers. What is wrong with this picture?

FreePressers.com is dedicated to and written by responsible news professionals throughout the world who cherish their right to publish news and views of vital significance whether or not they fit the templates of established (“mainstream”) media, the authoritarian press, and other organs of cultural and political consensus.