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FPI / December 4, 2019

Analysis by Leesa K. Donner,

Let’s just put it out there: Trying to promote a conservative website on social media is akin to climbing Mt. Everest. Hyperbole? Hold your judgment until you’ve heard the facts.

Ranked first in the world when it comes to the highest of peaks, the mighty Everest is considered insurmountable to all save the most elite of climbers. With an official elevation of 29,029 ft, it chews up and spits out far more mountaineers than make it to the top. Some have reported that “Climbing Mount Everest is among the most dangerous pursuits in the world with a fatality rate of 6.5 per cent of climbers who attempt to [reach the] summit.”

One must wonder how many right-wing websites have landed at the base of the leftist social media mountain in a broken and battered heap. No one appears to be counting, but as with brave climbers who turn around and trudge back down to base camp – there are still many tales to be told of their valiant efforts.

Recently Liberty Nation set off on a social media expedition only to be stopped dead in its tracks. Media Research Center President L. Brent Bozell reported the failed mission in a column for the Creators Syndicate.

“Leesa Donner, editor-in-chief of the Liberty Nation website, says she posted a six-minute video in which lawyer Scott Cosenza named [Eric] Ciaramella as ‘the person Washington believes’ is the whistleblower,” in the Trump impeachment inquiry, Bozell reported. “Shortly after publishing the video, YouTube changed the designation of the video from public to private, meaning only those who are administrators of the Liberty Nation YouTube channel could watch it, effectively censoring it. YouTube did not inform Liberty Nation of the change in status, Donner says, which means the video had links that, when clicked, would simply read, ‘404 Error.’”

The MRC president went on to say, “Ciaramella’s name is well-recognized as that of the alleged whistleblower. We are not familiar with a single person in Washington who has stated with authority that this man is not the one. Game, set, match to Cosenza.”

Daring to utter the name that was on the lips of every politico inside the Beltway, only to end up as a silenced malefactor, Cosenza responded, “The legacy media has covered the Ciaramella story as with others unflattering to Democrats – with a pillow, until it stops moving.”

Name a major social media platform in America, and behind it lies a multi-headed liberal censorship hydra – except this beast is not mythological. The level of censorship is so atrocious that prominent figures of the right have found themselves in the position of heralding Mark Zuckerberg as a free-speech champion simply for agreeing to meet them over dinner. Yet, Facebook is the most egregious offender. The company “switched their model to focus on pay to play but don’t let the ‘right’ play, and systematically censor users and disapprove ads that do not fit their agenda,” according to Ken Moody, digital marketing expert and president of K Moody and Associates.

And here’s how it works: Conservatives, it seems, always appear to be going against “community standards” and are “disapproved” with “content identified as not suitable for most advertisers.” Forget the money part; right-wing voices are methodically silenced so that more and more the only opinions heard in the public square are those on the left.

Thus, conservatives are left to scratch and claw every inch of the way up the social media Mt. Everest. With winds upwards of 200 mph blowing atop the summit most of the year, as well as a thinning oxygen supply, it can be a treacherous climb. A group of Nepalese people known as Sherpas are tasked with helping weary travelers with food and shelter. Bravo to the modern-day Sherpas like Mr. Bozell because I can tell you from first-hand experience, it can get mighty cold and lonely up there. This long and precarious climb was alluded to by another courageous American who issued the following warning:

“Freedom of speech is a principal pillar of a free government,” wrote Benjamin Franklin. “When this support is taken away, the constitution of a free society is dissolved.”

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