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Corporate WATCH

Commentary by Joe Schaeffer @Schaeff55

A few weeks ago, presumed Arizona Democrat U.S. Senate nominee Rep. Ruben Gallego met up with Alex Soros, son of notorious nation-destroying billionaire George Soros and anointed heir to his Open Society Foundations empire.

Fox News reported March 21:

Soros posted a picture "kicking off campaign season" on social media this week with likely Democrat Arizona Senate nominee Rep. Ruben Gallego, who has received thousands of dollars from Soros this cycle.

"Kicking off campaign season with my co-host [Lin Manuel] for congressman Ruben Gallego's Senate run in Arizona," he wrote on Instagram. "Ruben has an impressive life story and the stakes of this year's election couldn't be higher, they're existential."

It's far more sinister than you think. Gallego has been carefully groomed to be a high-ranking globalist elected official operating in the U.S. And those doing the grooming as long as 11 years ago were directly funded by George Soros.

Gallego is a 2013 “alumnus” of The Transatlantic Inclusion Leaders Network, a program created by the German Marshall Fund of the United States. “TILN has grown to be an integral element of GMF Leadership Programs since it was first founded in 2012 as a cooperative effort of the GMF, the US Department of State, and the US Helsinki Commission,” the organization states on its website.

What is the German Marshall Fund? Watchdog website Influence Watch writes:

The German Marshall Fund of the United States is a nonprofit think-tank founded in 1972 by Willy Brandt, at the time West German Chancellor and leader of the left-progressive Social Democratic Party. GMF was designed to serve as a think tank and grantmaking organization for American and European policy interests aligned with the Marshall Plan; today, the organization has expanded to include policy research and advocacy related to regions across the globe....

GMF is heavily funded by the American, German, and Swedish governments. Aside from governmental funding, GMF has also accepted donations from several left-of-center grantmaking organizations, including the Democracy Fund, the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, and [George Soros's] Open Society Foundations.

Gallego’s name is listed in the 2013 TILN Participants category. The GMF openly declares:

The TILN network has more than 200 alumni advancing to higher office including the European Parliament and US Congress, among other roles.

All alumni are expected to advance the cause of globalism and its efforts to overthrow traditional Western society as they move up the political ladder:

In a globalized era when many countries continue to face challenges of racism, intolerance, and inequity, both the United States and Europe stand to benefit from a visionary new generation of leaders who are dedicated to the principles of open and inclusive institutions.

At the bottom of the GMF’s TILN page one comes to the funders of this Globalist Youth Political Corps. Guess who comes first?

This program is made possible thanks to Open Society Foundations, Archery Foundation, Kresge Foundation, and ONCE Foundation.

A 2017 report on the website of the U.S. Helsinki Commission further spells out with crystal clarity that these young politicians are being placed on a rising trajectory with the understanding that they will serve globalist interests:

The Transatlantic Inclusion Leaders Network (TILN) advances leaders who are global in outlook, representative, culturally competent, and inclusive. TILN is the premier venue for young, diverse U.S. and European elected and civil society leaders to meet, enhance their inclusive leadership portfolio, and engage senior policymakers.

Inclusivity “mentoring” by European socialists was part of Gallego’s experience at the 2013 GMF Brussels Forum Young Professionals’ Summit:

On the final day of the program, the Socialists & Democrats Group in the European Parliament (EP) hosted a mentorship lunch and discussion on EU anti-discrimination and inclusion policies featuring an address from MEP Emine Bozkurt-EP Chair of the Anti-Racism and Diversity Inter Group, an overview of the ‘Relaunching Europe’ initiative supporting citizenship and civil rights for Europeans and longstanding migrants of all backgrounds, and efforts to advance a US-EU Joint Action Plan on Racial and Ethnic Equality and Inclusion with US and EU foreign ministries.

Here is a brief clip of young Gallego speaking about his indoctrination sessions:

Gallego is specifically mentioned by name in a 2016 “Five Years of the Transatlantic Inclusion Leaders Network” report by the U.S. Helsinki Commission as it states that its overarching mission is to implement multinational collective action among governments:

The TILN project already boasts an impressive list of alumni, including U.S. Congressman Ruben Gallego, Swedish Parliamentarian Said Abdu, UN Expert on Minority Issues Rita Iszak, and other Parliamentarians, Ministers, Mayors, City Councilpersons, regional and local leaders....

[M]any TILN alumni support innovative initiatives that promote equality and inclusion in their home countries through alumni Action Grants that allow former participants to maintain their connections, further the work of multinational inclusion, and maximize the impact of collective action.

Patriotic Americans must realize by now that beyond the progressive ruling establishment’s PC buzzwords about race, “equality” and “inclusion” there lurks a full-throated attempt to take away their personal freedoms and obliterate U.S. national sovereignty. Massive Internet censorship is a key part of the German Marshall Fund's collective action plan.

In Sept. 2020, the group issued a news release headlined “German Marshall Fund Launches ‘Digital New Deal’ Initiative to Create an Internet that Supports Democracy.” The bluntness of these globalist elites is most revealing. An action item in the Digital New Deal rollout is titled “Tech Companies Must Fight White Supremacy, Regardless of Political Dangers.”

Written while Donald Trump was still in office, it unapologetically calls for censoring a sitting United States president’s speech if he is deemed to be expressing ideas too dangerous for public exposure:

[C]ombating domestic terrorism poses unique political risk for tech companies: In policing this content, unlike in the case of Islamist terrorist content, the companies will inevitably remove some material created or disseminated by far-right political commentators and even politicians.

The same overlap in language many Americans saw with horror between the suspected El Paso terrorist and President Trump himself could yield takedowns of content from prominent figuresperhaps even the president of the United States....

When there are lives on the line, political awkwardness must give way to responsible corporate behavior and good stewardship of the internet. Reliance on law enforcement, a sound understanding of the ideological underpinnings of terrorist activity, transparency and accountability can be the digital platforms’ best friends as they go all in on thwarting white supremacy online.

A speech given by University of Oxford Professor Timothy Garton Ash at the same GMF Brussels 2013 gathering that Gallego attended is even more alarming. It lays out just what Gallego was being groomed for and indoctrinated into... the globalist playbook for the turmoil of the coming years:

We live in the Anthropocene age, the first age in which the activities of humankind have the potential to, in fact actually are, changing the physical character of the planet. At the same time, information, ideas, money, people, diseases are whizzing around the planet at a speed never known before. And the combination of those two produces these global challenges. That’s the World Economic Forum assessment of the top ten global risks by potential impact, climate change.... Global pandemics.... Financial system failure....

How about that? The GMF was talking about a global pandemic in 2013. How curious that Rep. Ruben Gallego was one of the most aggressively vocal proponents of mandatory vaccination of Americans during the height of the coronavirus hysteria some seven+ years later. But Ash was just getting started:

So in sum, the essence of the dilemma we face, the core of that fragility, is that because of these global challenges, the need, the objective demand for global collective action is greater than it has ever been. But the supply of global collective action is limping far behind and made more difficult to deliver precisely by the great power shifts that we witness geopolitically....

What can we, in this room, what can a broader “we” do about it? I believe that the key lies in two things; legitimate, effective international organizations, institutions networks, and strategic coalitions of willing and able powers to lead on any given issue.

Ruben Gallego was handpicked to be one of the "we" discussed here. This man is now a member of the US House of Representatives and he may very well become the next United States senator for Arizona. Oxford Professor Ash in 2013 eerily described the enormous power structure being assembled against the citizens of the West, a menacing colossus that has flexed its might to a withering degree in recent years:

Now, thus far, I’ve talked about powers and you may think, looking at my charts, that I’m thinking only about states. Well, of course, states remain very important but they’re not the only powers in the world today. I am working on a book about global free speech.

In terms of effective power to determine the terms of global free speech. Google is far more important than Germany, and Facebook is far more important than France, with great respect to both countries. If Facebook were a country with its billion users, it would be the third most populous country on Earth....

There is the empire on which the sun never sets, the empire of Facebook. What this means is that when we talk about coalitions of willing and able powers, we have to think not just about the public powers but also about the private powers who can be engaged, the Facebooks, the Googles.

And by private powers, I mean not just companies but also NGOs and social networks and social movements. Those coalitions I’m talking about will have to involve the private powers, as well.

A globalist oligarchy is installing its puppets in positions of power right here in America. This truly is how nations die.

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